After several years of changing schools and not being able to give my daughter stability and bring out her best,  therefore giving her very low self esteem and no sense of direction. I found Centre Academy. This has been a big turning point in my daughter's life. She is now enjoying school, loving her work, her teachers, mentors and friends, which she had none of before CA! She has gained enormous ground and attained a sense of achievement and confidence making her a more functional and happy little teen. CA staff are the best and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for my daughter and me, who is able to breathe at last! - Mrs B B- Parent


I remember the day we visited CA in London for the first time and how its lack of green space alarmed us. This feeling didn't last for long as we met with Dr Rollo and for the first time in our son's life we realised we had found his educational home. Patrick has now been a student for three years and next year will leave after he has completed his American high school diploma. We need to remember it really isn't about the green grass or bricks and mortar. Ultimately it is about the fine human being that walks out of CA into the big wild world. - Mrs T H- Parent

At Centre Academy East Anglia, school has become a positive part of life.  The staff just “get it” – my boys’ issues, my worries and how to educate kids in the widest possible sense of the word.   The level of help my children receive daily makes life bearable for all of us.  Getting support is a good thing, not something that singles you out.  Weekly sessions with the Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist help make that difference.
Most importantly, the feel to the school is incredibly special – it is like an extended family.  Everyone knows everyone else – it is a community.  People listen: if there is a problem, it can be shared and sorted.  Sports, music, drama – it is amazing what is on offer.  Suddenly, there is a future and it is bright. Mrs F - Parent


When my daughter attended her previous mainstream school she was constantly anxious about which lesson was next, what she should be taking to the lesson and who would play with her at break times. She had no confidence in her ability and needed constant reassurance before starting any task. She did not complain but rarely smiled and walked around with a resigned, worried frown on her face.
When she arrived at CAEA, she almost immediately relaxed and came home from her taster day saying she never wanted to go back to her old school as she had definitely found the school for her. A year or so later, she is barely recognisable as the same girl. She is a smiling and enthusiastic member of the school and is always keen to try new things. She has real friends in and out of school for the first time. She has confidence in her abilities and now positively interacts with other children and adults. The quality of her work has improved exponentially. We feel that the small class size, friendly school community, specialised teaching and care staff as well as on-site speech and language therapy and occupational therapy have all played a part in the transformation of our little girl.
We are so pleased we chose CAEA as our daughter is so happy and we genuinely feel a part of a truly supportive and non-judgemental parent community. Dr L - Parent