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The CA Magazine Team continues to work hard to produce new editions of the school's magazine which has proved to be a success with CA community. The latest editions of the Juice Magazine are available to view here (Adobe PDF Reader required)


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Our annual trip to Richmond Park for the Canbury School Invitational Cross Country event was met with clear sunny skies but very wintery temperatures. This meant a firm and fast track for our runners. We had 16 runners take part in the upper school race on Wednesday afternoon. This year we had a number of personal best finishes. The stand out performance was from Thomas who won the 4km race in 14min and 9sec, just outside the course record. I congratulate Thomas on this amazing achievement and is well deserved after all the training he has done leading up to this event. On Thursday, a small middle school team competed, with our top 3 runners for CA were Sean, Michael and Colin. I commend all our students for taking part and for the great support they showed each runner as they crossed the line.


CA Drama

Since drama was reintroduced to the curriculum last year, many students have been keen to perform or to work backstage supporting their performing peers.  In honour of the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth we staged a short, updated version of two of his Revolting Rhymes.   This featured Dahl himself, played very ably by Michael opening the performance by explaining how he came to write for children instead of adults, and why he thought children make much better readers.  
I was amazed – and delighted -  at how quickly and uncomplainingly everyone learned their lines.  We have very limited performance space at CAL, and were only able to rehearse properly on set on the day of the performance.  All the students worked exceptionally hard, remained calm and supportive of one another and every one managed to remember the whole sequence of complex entrances, exits and other stage business. This is extremely impressive, and demonstrates the amazing potential our young people have; they were infinitely easier and less stressful to work with than the stage school students I used to teach and some of the professional actors I have had the misfortune to work with.    We will definitely be doing another, longer performance next year, and hopefully will be able to invite parents to watch next time.      
Ms Louis-Wood


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Art Club

During Clubs on a Friday students have begun working on some large group projects such as a large mural in yard and most recently, a Totem Pole project. The students learnt about the significance of Totem poles and how they communicated important aspects of the native culture in North America. We discussed a number of animals and what they symbolise and began planning our very own CA Totem Pole which will stand approximately 7ft high. Each student has been working on an animal of their choice starting with a bucket for the base and gradually building up the features to make it as striking as possible.

There are various steps to the process of transforming some buckets into a fabulous model using lots of card, tape, coating with modroc and finally painting with vibrant colours! We look forward to showing you the finished product in a few weeks!


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The CA Magazine Team continues to work hard to produce new editions of the school's magazine which has proved to be a success with CA community. The team has representatives from throughout the year groups and they try to cover interesting topics, talk about school life, trips and activities as well as current affairs and other interesting topics.


Message from the team

"We are always looking out for new topics so we welcome any ideas from across the school community. We meet on Friday periods 6 & 7, students are welcome to submit ideas and we shall do our best to include them in the next edition."






















Various stages of the project underway.


Starting to coat the built up shapes with modroc.

Now onto the vibrant designs and colours.