Reviews and Reports: Centre Academy East Anglia

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Centre Academy East Anglia is an extraordinary school which could rightly be described as unique.”
CReSTeD, 25 February 2016

Centre Academy East Anglia Ofsted Report 2016 click here

Centre Academy East Anglia CReSTed Report 2016 click here

"Deliberately small, this is a school with long standing experience and a clear strategy for educating pupils challenged by learning difficulties.” The Good Schools Guide 2016


Centre Academy East Anglia Residential Ofsted Report 2016 click here

Centre Academy East Anglia Good Schools Guide Report 2016 click here


“Both my children make progress above and beyond what their initial profiles would have suggested possible—I have this validated by four leading independent experts. . . . The staff is committed, caring, nurturing, professional, kind and largely very experienced. . . These qualities are clear in everyone, from senior management through to all the auxiliary staff.” Mrs F, parent


Centre Academy East Anglia Good Schools Guide Report 2014 click here


“In this world of enormous factory-type schools I am so thankful for Centre Academy; my son is thriving in the specialist environment of the school; it offers what no other could: the small, safe, nurturing surroundings, and the teachers who understand the complex conditions . . . Thank you for the endless enthusiasm, encouragement and confidence the school has given my son.”
Mrs D, parent

Centre Academy East Anglia Ofsted Report 2012 click here


“The success of the school can be seen in the outcomes the children leave with.”
Mr and Mrs A, parents

Centre Academy East Anglia Ofsted Residential Report 2013 click here


“In her previous school, our daughter was badly bullied as she was ‘different’ . . . .At CAEA, she has truly blossomed. She commenced at the school with a permanent worried expression but now walks around smiling. . . . she is on target to achieve 6 or 7 GCSEs next year, something we did not ever think was possible.”
Mr & Dr L, parents


Centre Academy East Anglia Ofsted Report 2016 click here


“The services, professionalism, skills and most importantly the level of expertise of the school leadership, educators and the entire team are outstanding. The level of care and attention to our child’s overall development, to include academics, physical and social development is excellent. The individual care and attention given to each child. . . is the key to CAEA’s success and why the school has such a strong reputation.”
US Embassy Official

CReSTed Report 2012 click here


“We researched  50+ schools in three countries, visited 13 in person . . . and CAEA was without a doubt the best fit for our son. In the space of a few short months he has made more progress academically and socially than I had dared hope. CAEA has provided our son with the warm, nurturing environment necessary to help him begin rebuilding his shattered confidence.”
Mr S, parent


“Our son went from a boy with learning difficulties who could not stand going to school and would not cooperate in lessons to a young man who is looking to go to university and pursue a career in law. That comes down to the support and encouragement he has received, especially over the past three and a half years, through GCSEs and now the American High School Diploma.”
Mr and Mrs R, parents