The Centre Academy Schools

A leading educator has called the Centre Academy schools (London and East Anglia) “the most successful special needs schools in the UK and, indeed, the most unique.” Here’s why:

• We accept a broad range of ages, from 9-19; this eliminates the anxiety, common to Special Needs children, of having to move from one school to another. We have recently introduced a Pre-Prep programme (at the East Anglia School) for pupils ages, from 4-7.

• We address an equally broad range of learning challenges on a case-by-case basis, including Dyslexia, AD/HD, ASD, Speech and Language needs, to name a few.

• We cap our enrolment to ensure very small classes: at CA London, 60 students; at CA East Anglia, a total of 50.

• We follow the National Curriculum through GCSE or the Foundation Learning and other programmes for more vocationally orientated students.

• We are the only school in the UK, including mainstream schools, also to offer the American High School Diploma; the Diploma is not examination-based but instead involves a system of continual assessment, thus reducing pressure and anxiety. All UK Universities recognise the Diploma.



Co-educational and offering both day and boarding programmes, CA East Anglia is located at the edge of a small, rural village 20 minutes from Bury St Edmunds and 30 minutes from Cambridge by car, and 75 minutes from London by train. The campus comprises elegant buildings and excellent boarding facilities. Ten acres of lawns and playing fields provide the ideal setting for extensive sports and activities programmes. Key subjects include English; Mathematics; History; Geography; Science; French; Art; Design Technology; ICT; Drama; Music; Religious Studies; Thinking Skills; Study Skills; PE


Co-educational and the oldest special needs school in the UK, CA London is housed in a listed Edwardian building located south of the River Thames and is served by all forms of public transportation. Our proximity to central London gives our students all the benefits of the capital’s cultural, artistic and historic possibilities. In essence, London serves as one of our classrooms. Key subjects include English; Mathematics; History; Geography; Science; Spanish, Art; ICT; Drama; Media Studies; Religious Studies; Study Skills; PE.



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